-$25 1st time hour long one-on-one personal training session including a total body workout and customized total fitness plan
-$10 1st time trial group session featuring personalized total body workouts
-$10 1st time trial specialty class, enjoy a personalized class including Booty Blast B.A.R. tailor made to meet your needs


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Everyone can and should be exercising! There are very few conditions in which exercise in some way, shape or form is harmful. The secret is in knowing how to work the body without worsening the condition. Over the years I have worked with clients with numerous kinds of injuries, illnesses and conditions, and the bottom line is that everyone felt better with exercise. Exercise does not have to be running sprints or lifting heavy weights but it does have to be something. We offer many alternative forms of exercise including Pilates, aqua aerobics, aquatic strength, ballet, prenatal/postnatal exercise, functional strength training, aerobic training, sports conditioning and post rehabilitation training. If you are not currently exercising (and, no, running around, chasing toddlers, working 14 hour days does not count), you are putting yourself at an increased risk to develop illness and, more importantly, you are greatly diminishing your quality of life.

Modern Form Fitness is designed to accommodate all schedules, budgets and ailments, making it possible for you to achieve your fitness goals. We offer family sessions which enable you to spend time with your family, while establishing good lifelong habits for everyone. We offer training 6 days a week . We will come to your office or social gathering. We will meet you at a park. We will help make it possible for you to improve your health and fitness!

Now offering Ballet and Pointe!

  • Strength/Weight – gain lean muscle mass, lose body fat and increase your metabolism by training with weights, bands and endless fitness toy
  • Aqua – enjoy a great aerobic and strength workout in the comfort of the water. Water’s antigravity effect makes this workout great for anyone who likes water, is bored with land workouts, is pregnant or suffering from an injury.
  • Pilates Mat and Reformer – an excellent way to tone your core (abs, lower back and thighs), improve your flexibility, improve your posture and recover from any number of aliments.

  • Pre/Post Natal - any of our other training options can be done while pregnant. After having 2 children and obtaining several prenatal ertifications you can rest assured that you and baby will not only be safe

    in your workout, your pregnancy, delivery and recovery will be that much easier.

  • Cardio/Aerobic – an absolute must for everyone! Improve your aerobic capacity and endurance and your heart will thank you. As little as 20
    minutes 3 times a week can make a world of difference.

  • Flexibility – the other absolute must! Flexibility is imperative for joint health, muscle balance and injury prevention. Stretch now or have surgery

  • Ballet/Pointe – after dancing since birth and earning a living as a ballet dancer for 5+ years I realize that everyone can benefit from proper ballet training. By listening to your body and maintaining your alignment you can and will improve your balance, core strength, posture and flexibility.

  • Athletic Conditioning/Sport Specific – from the professional athlete to the weekend warrior many of us have passion for something athletic. Learn
    exercises that will improve your game and keep injury from disrupting it.

  • Specialized Speed Training for Runners -As a runner you have goals! Are you striving to increase your speed? Are you working through an injury? Or do you simply want to experience more joy while you run? You may know exactly what you need to do to achieve your goals. The problem is it is very difficult to speed train effectively on your own because you cannot see yourself run. Sure, you can take a passing glance in the mirror or watch a short video but it is next to impossible to really see yourself run! Right Time Running Clinic provides the path to help you achieve your running goals!
  • Special Populations – everyone can and should be exercising. If you are suffering from an injury, illness or even just de-conditioning we have a
    program from you.

  • Parent and Child or Family – get your significant other or your entire family off the couch and moving. We can come to your house or meet you at a park and get everyone exercising. Not only will you become more fit but you will establish easy ways to make fitness part of everyone’s life!

  • Group Sessions (office, playgroup, poker night) – get your friends and coworkers moving by bringing exercise to them. Break the tension at the next office lunch with a little flexibility or strength training and everyone’s metabolism, endorphins and spirits will be lifted!

  • Fitness Seminars – can be given separately or as part of an existing event to educate others on the importance of exercise and physical fitness.